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Reunion photos may be viewed in Dropbox

SKHS Drill Team Reunion – May 16 & 17, 2014

Oh, it was soooo much fun!

  • Friday evening at A&W – root beer floats and friends!
  • Saturday morning’s parade – SKHS Marching machine led us through downtown Bremerton.  The cadence and songs were fabulous generating smiles, laughter, goose bumps and tingles! The crowd on the sidewalks were so friendly and affirming!  Who knew being in a parade all these years later would be so exciting?
  • Saturday evening party – a happy, warm evening connecting with old friends, making new friends, practicing routines, recalling corners, marveling at uniforms and reveling in our shared history and lessons of Drill Team. What a blast!

We now have a Dropbox folder of photos taken at our reunion.  This post will give you instructions how to access the photos and to upload your photos if you’d like.  Pictures in the Dropbox folder may be copied and used for your memories.  A majority of the photos were taken by Cathy Leyh Grover, Class of 1987 and owner of Artistic Details Photographic in Gig Harbor, Alan Rencowski, husband of Becky Boltz Rencowski, Class of 1979.  I thank them greatly for sharing their talents with us.  Other photos are taken by Dannie Oliveaux, editor of the Port Orchard Independent and myself.  The list will grow as you add your photos!

I hope that everyone that took photos might consider sharing their photos with others.  Follow the instructions below.

Photos in the Dropbox folder are full sized.  You may copy them and use them on Facebook or in other social media.  We chose to post the photos here so they weren’t limited to Facebook users and to allow you to decide where you choose print if you want.

To view the photos, follow this link – PHOTOS

To upload your photos to share with others, send an email to SKHSDTREUNION@GMAIL.COM with a message “Please invite me to the shared photo folder.”  An invitation will be sent to you to share the folder.  You can then drop your photos into the Dropbox.

If you have questions or technical challenges, we can figure it out!  You can post your questions below, send an email to or call Joy Lee, 713-303-5725.


SKHS Drill Team Reunion – In the News!

Wow! What a weekend of connecting, laughing, remembering!
Details and pictures will be posted! This is just the first of a few post-reunion posts!

The Port Orchard Independent published a great article in today’s paper. You can read it online and see their photos by clicking here

The same article and prior articles will also be found on the NEWS tab, above under photos.

DT Reunion Newsletter – May 14th


Our reunion is almost here! Details are listed below:

Sweatshirt pickup:

  • Wednesday – Friday pick up @ Kitsap Bank, 1700 Village Lane SE, Mile Hill. Wed – Thurs 9am – 5pm, Fri 9am – 6pm
  • Friday Evening 6pm – 8pm @ A&W. There will be a casual “Meet and Greet” details below.
  • Saturday morning – if you are signed up for the parade and haven’t picked up, we’ll bring yours to the parade.
  • Saturday night – remaining sweatshirts will be brought to the party.

A & W Meet and Greet

  • Stop by and say hi! Can’t go to the parade or party? Come on by!
  • A & W is treating us to a root beer float!

Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade •Looking forward to walking a great parade with friends!

  • Wear your reunion sweatshirt or other DT sweatshirt. Your choice of pants.
  • Comfortable shoes!
  • Everyone will be given an American flag.
  • We’ll have nametags.
  • Carpool if at all possible. Please check at the end of this post for carpool options. Vicki Bourbeau will be posting instructions/suggestions for those people coming from Port Orchard.
  • Parking is advertised to be available at Olympic College; again – CARPOOL
  • Meet at the corner of 13th and Broadway at 8:30 – 8:50am to check-in and pick up your nametag and flag. (Volunteers, please come at 8:20am.)
  • After checking in, walk to 11th between Park and Pacific to lineup for the parade.
  • Our entry is C31. We will be walking just behind the SKHS band, although they may be lining up on another street.
  • We should be in place by 9:15am.
  • If you late, come find us in the parade line up.
  • Parade Map Parade Map
  • RIDERS: Genean J., Josephine M., Janet W. and Laura C. We plan to have the cars pick you up at the check-in spot by 8:50am. If you are delayed or aren’t going to come to the parade, please call Joy Lee 713-303-5725. We don’t want to miss you or wait unnecessarily.
  • If you didn’t sign up for the parade but want to join us, put on a maroon sweatshirt or jacket, hopefully something SK, and come to the check in spot at 13th and Broadway by 8:50am. Plan to pay $3 to help cover costs! We’d love to have you join us! Or come watch the parade and cheer us on!

Reunion Party – The Clubhouse at McCormick Woods, Port Orchard. 6:30pm – 10:30

  • Time to have fun, connect with old friends and meet your Drill Team sisters!
  • Don’t be late. The fun will be starting right away.
  • Dress is casual and comfortable. You may want to practice your corners or a routine!
  • Bring your Drill Team pictures and memorabilia to share with everyone. There will be photo boards where we can add in your photos and tables to display DT memories.
  • There will be a raffle/drawing for everyone. If anyone would still like to donate an item, please reply to this email or call Joy 713-303-5725.
  • If anyone wants to help out with figuring out how to show VHS tapes, please contact Joy.
  • Volunteers please arrive by 6:15pm.
  • Advance reservations only.

Thanks to everyone who has helped. It is time to have a good time!


Newsletter May 11 – SWEATSHIRTS!

You may pickup sweatshirts starting TUESDAY, MAY 13!
Sweatshirts will be available for pickup at Kitsap Bank, 1700 Village Lane, SE, on Mile Hill, Tuesday, May 13 – Friday, May 16. Corrected bank hours are Wed & Thurs 9 – 5pm, Friday 9 – 6pm.

You may pick up for other people, but you will need to sign for any sweatshirt picked up.

Please pick up by Friday.
At the close of business Friday, any sweatshirts not picked up, will be taken to A&W for the Meet and Greet from 6 – 8pm.
Any remaining sweatshirts purchased by people walking Saturday’s parade, will be brought to the parade, but help us out and pick up by Friday. (It’s going to be hectic Saturday morning!)

Any remaining sweatshirts will be brought to the party Saturday night at McCormick Woods.

Parade details will be posted Monday evening!

May 3 News/Update

Two weeks until our reunion!
Here is the latest news/updates. I’ll be sending emails out, posting information on the website and in the Facebook group. Keep checking for details as they are finalized.
Email –
Orders_Reservations Received as of May 3 2014


Reunion Sweatshirt Pickup – expected May 13 – 16:
• If you ordered a sweatshirt, expect an email as soon as the sweatshirts are ready to be picked up. We expect them to be ready by Tuesday, May 13th, but maybe earlier. Thank you to Valerie Kroke for handling this distribution. Please pick up sweatshirts during the week. Sweatshirts not picked up for people going to the parade, will be brought to the parade, but if you are local, help us out by picking up yours early. FYI… there are no extra sweatshirts, sorry.
• Kitsap Bank, South Park Branch – 1700 Village Ln SE. Bank hours are 8am – 6pm.


Announcing! Informal Meet & Greet – Friday, May 16, 6 – 8pm, A&W!

Just like our high school years, A&W was a place to stop in for something yummy and see who was around. The Gerhings are treating DRILL TEAM all to root beer floats! Stop by one the way home from work or as you arrive in Port Orchard. Start off our reunion at A&W!

Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade – Saturday, May 17, Time: TBD
• There are 78 of us signed up to walk the parade! Wear your reunion sweatshirt, or your high school drill team sweatshirt. We have American flags for you to carry and we’ll share the duty of carrying our banner. A couple of classic cars are available for those who need a ride in the parade; three members are riding and there is room for a few more. Send an email if you are going to need a ride.
• If you haven’t signed up for the parade, but can join us at the last minute, please do! We ask that you still chip in the parade fee of $3.00 to help pay for the expenses. If you don’t have a Drill Team sweatshirt, find something maroon or white.
• Details and time for our parade line up will be sent out as soon as we are informed! In general parking is at Olympic College. The parade starts at 10am and is about 11 blocks long, but we’ll have further to walk depending where we line up and then again getting back to the parking area. Let’s hope that we all need some sunscreen that day!

Volunteers needed: If you arrive early for events and would like to help, it would be great to have a few folks that would like to help sign people in, pass out name tags, flags and sweatshirts and collect parade fees if needed, please send an email if you would like to volunteer. Sisters, husbands, friends can help out too if they would like. (6 people would be great!)


Reunion Party – The Clubhouse at McCormick Woods, Saturday, May 17, 6:30 – 10:30pm
Get ready to have some fun! Current tally is at 107 people planning to attend the reunion party. This includes DT members from the classes of 1960 – 1997, advisors, a mascot (early 80’s know who this is), spouses (yes, 10 have signed up) and a few other friends of Drill Team. Don’t miss the fun and the chance to celebrate a long history of Drill Team.

• If you haven’t reserved a seat, it is not too late! Send an email by Sunday, May 4th, listing your name, phone number, the check number you are sending in the next day, how many reservations, your spouse’s name if they are joining. The cost is $37.50 per person. We are not selling tickets at the door. After May 4th, send in an email and I do my best, but no promises.
Photos and Memorabilia:
• Photo boards will be up around the room with a some starter photos. Please bring copies of your photos to add to them! You are also encouraged to bring any other DT memorabilia to share with the group. Uniforms, gloves, boots, etc! We could also use stories or memories. Write out your memory on a sheet of paper and we’ll tack it up with the photos. Please provide a date of the memory and put your name on it.
• For those who won’t be able to join us, feel free to send in your memories or pictures. We’ll do our best to get them on the photo boards! (Please send your email stories now, the last few days are going to be crazy!)
• We’re going to try to take a group picture and will have a photographer or two roaming the party. Plans are to have a website to upload photos so everyone can share the party photos. Stay tuned for details.
• There has been some talk of having a raffle at the reunion party. If anyone has an idea of something they might like to donate, please send an email. I’ll bring a box of Joy’s Biscotti to donate! Any other ideas?
Party Volunteers:
• Afternoon setup help: Exact times and jobs are still being determined, but send an email in your name if you’d like to help.
• Greeters: Checking people into the party. Three people for 20 minute shifts – 6:20, 6:40, 7pm.
Who can help with music?
• In order to have some marching or routine music at the party, we need some help! Who has some experience to help put music together, or has a teenager that can help!

Questions, orders, ideas, offers to help? Email –

Reunion News – April 24

April 24th – 23 days until the reunion!
Reunion Stats:
816 names on the Master Names List including advisors (Classes of 1951 – 1998)
233 people we’ve made contact with the reunion one way or another
119 indicated interest in the parade
136 indicated interest in the reunion party
69 party reservations paid
68 people registered for the parade

Orders are still coming in and I feel quite comfortable that we have a great group for a party. (If only my sister and a few friends that were afraid to say “No” came to the party, it still would be great, but this is looking like the reunion I had envisioned – a community event!)

But I am going to feel sick to my stomach when I hear, “Was there a reunion? I didn’t hear about it. ” or “Sending the order in slipped my mind! Can I still order ____” right after I have sent in the sweatshirt order or set the final catering number.

We are a team, so here’s how you can help:
1. Open the file Orders_Reservations Received as of April 30 2014 (click the blue letters!) and look for your friends. If their name is not on the list, an order hasn’t been received as of 4/30/14, 11:55pm CST.
2. Call them. Message them. Check with them. Reach out and invite them to join you. A personal request may make all the difference!
3. Don’t assume they have seen the posts, emails or website. Facebook posts don’t show up on everyone’s feed all the time. Some people don’t check the Facebook group. SPAM folders eat “good” emails. People think they will get back to it later and forget. Computers spasm and the internet crashes. Don’t let these be reasons that your old Drill Team friend doesn’t make it to the reunion.
4. I understand that not everyone can or wants to attend, and that’s perfectly OK. Just make sure everyone had a chance to join the fun and celebrate our GREAT drill team history!

When you reach talk to your friend, please share the following:
1. Reunion is May 17th
2. Event details are on this website; look around! – and the order form will be found on the website.
3. Hard deadline for sweatshirt orders is Sunday, April 27 – email must have been received.
4. Hard deadline for party reservation is Sunday, May 4 – email must have been received.
5. Questions should be sent to

(This note will be posted on Facebook, sent out via email and put on the website. I’m not trying to be rude, just trying to reach people via their communication method.)

Happy Day,

Joy McFate Lee

Welcome to SKHS Drill Team Reunion Website!

April 22 – See new instructions for ordering sweatshirts. You have a VERY SHORT window to still get your order in! Go to the page on Parade Details (and Sweatshirt Info)

Reservations for spouses are now available. See tab on Reunion Party.

May 4 is the deadline for reunion party reservations. Reservations for the party must be made in advance. No purchases at the door.

Questions? Technical challenges? Email: or Call: Joy Lee 713-303-5725

Order/Reservation Update: Check here to see if your order has been received! This file will be updated frequently. Orders_Reservations Received as of April 30 2014

For 48 years, 1951-1998, young women of South Kitsap High School, in Port Orchard, Washington, marched and performed as part of SK Drill Team! For many of us, this activity was a very fun and important part of our high school experience. Skills were honed, lessons of teamwork and excellence were learned, confidence was developed and life-long friendships were made.

This spring it is time to reunite, celebrate our common experience and a have some drill team fun! Saturday, May 17th, is the chosen as the date, as the SKHS Marching Band will be participating in the Bremerton Armed Forces Day parade. The band has invited us to walk as a group with the band! Can you hear the cadence yet? Won’t this be fun! (Advance registration is required.)

In the evening, we will have a reunion for drill team members and advisors. Memorabilia, uniforms, photos, music and practicing routines will be just the start of the fun. Rekindling friendships, catching up after many years and learning a little about different eras of DT will make the evening all the more fun. Dinner will be included in the price and a no-host bar is planned to be available. This is a ticketed event. Your order form must be received in advance.

What to do?
* Please fill out a Member Form (see the tab above).
* Explore this webpage.
* Spread the word and help locate other DT members. It will be the most fun if we can get lots of SK girls to the parade and reunion.
* Let us know if you have ideas for the party or if you want to help!
* Sign up for the parade and reunion party!! Go to the “Sign Me Up!” tab above. Print out an order form, complete it and send in the order form and a check!
* Get ready for a great reunion!

EVERYONE! Please check that emails from are not getting caught in your spam folder. Over half the emails sent out are not being opened!! Don’t miss information about the reunion!